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Subjects span tech, science, philosophy, economics, politics, culture, and more.

I’ve tried to get at core truth in the past with info-sites I created:,, and

My background in math and economics helps me dig into questions. In a decade of reporting and TV producing, I’ve also connected with some of the most interesting thinkers of the age.

Some inspirations:

— SlateStarCodex

— Overcoming Bias

— Marginal Revolution’s Covid reporting

— Slow Boring

My posts here aims to be aggressively non-ideological and data-driven.

Hope we can learn some things together here, and get away from the noise of the daily news cycle!

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I'm a reporter, TV Producer, and the creator of I studied economics & math, and have been in media for more than a decade. On my Substack I am doing non-ideological, data-driven reporting!